Category: Shipping

Yes, the following items are prohibited : For Shipment to Malaysia 1. All items that are prohibited by the Royal Malaysian Customs. 2. Explosive, inflammable, noxious, filthy, deleterious or otherwise harmful substance and sharp instruments not properly protected. 3. The list of Sharp Instruments includes (but not limited to): Box cutters, Ice axes, Ice picks, Knives, Meat Cleavers, Razor-Type Blades, Sabers, Scissors, any type of Swords. 4. Fire arms and their component parts. 5. Dangerous drugs, with the exception of and on production of an export licence, narcotics and psychotropic substance may be sent by insured post for medical or scientific purposes to countries which admit them on these conditions. 6. Perishable non-infectious articles, anything liable to become offensive or injurious through decay during the time ordinarily occupied in transmission particularly if addressed to a tropical or subtropical country, unless sent in a hermetically sealed container. 7. Articles which from their nature of packing may expose postal officials to danger, soil, damaged office items or postal equipment or which tend to hamper the performance of postal operations. 8. Correspondence containing any lottery ticket or any ticket, any advertisements of prizes or any other announcement relating to any public lottery, sweepstake or other gambling transaction. 9. Coins and bullions, securities of any kind payable to bearer, bank or currency notes unless sent by insured post. 10. Radioactive materials, whether solid, liquid or gaseous. 11. Indecent or obscene communications, prints, photographs, books or other articles and packets bearing grossly offensive, indecent or obscene words, marks or designs. For Shipment to Singapore The list of prohibited goods includes (but not limited to): 1. Any noxious or offensive substance, such as animal manure or paint. 2. A marine flare and signal, landing flare, highway fuse, smoke generator, distress signal or other pyrotechnic device intended for signalling, warning, rescue or similar purposes. 3. Any petroleum or flammable material within the meaning of the Fire Safety (Petroleum and Flammable Materials) Regulations (Cap. 109A, Rg 7). 4. An explosive within the meaning of the Arms and Explosives Act (Cap. 13). 5. Any arms within the meaning of the Arms and Explosives Act. 6. Arms and explosives, bullet-proof clothing, antique guns, toy guns and swords. 7. An item, including a device known as a “dragon”, capable of attaching a person to an object or another person, or preventing removal of any locking or connecting device. 8. An aerosol paint container or other implement or substance that is capable of being used to mark graffiti. 9. A loud hailer. 10. Any flag or banner which is larger than one metre by one metre, or has a handle longer than one metre. 11. A public address system, electronic equipment, broadcast equipment or similar device which may interfere with broadcast equipment or similar devices being used by the event organiser of the National Day Parade 2011 or a person authorised by the event organiser or otherwise under the Act to use such equipment or devices. 12. Chewing gum (except oral dental and medicated gum). 13. Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products (e.g. electronic cigarettes, etc). 14. Cigarette lighters of pistol or revolver shape. 15. Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances. 16. Endangered species of wildlife and their by-products. 17. Firecrackers. 18. Obscene articles, publications, video tapes/discs and software. 19. Reproduction of copyright publications, video tapes, video compact discs, laser discs, records or cassettes. 20. Seditious and treasonable materials.